Paul Wieggers, (un)Realistic Landscapes

The meticulously rendered landscapes by Paul Wieggers (1962) may at first sight seem extremely realistic, but they are, at least partly, a product of his own imagination and artistic talent. Wieggers uses a very fine brushstroke, which enables him to depict his landscapes in extreme detail. Every blade of grass, every patch of bark, every detail of the soft clouds: all these elements have a specific place and function within the painting. The artists uses colours as they appear in nature, using soft greys, many shades of blue and a varied palette of greens. Yet despite all this, the artist doesn’t actually depict existing landscapes. From every view and vista, Wieggers takes only the very best and creates a scene that doesn’t exist, but emulates reality in a masterful way. 

Paul Wieggers
Kunst Landweg in de herfst van Paul Wieggers kopen?
Landweg in de herfst
Oil on panel
30 x 30 cm  -  2023
€ 3.450,-

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Phone Number: +31-88-1003100
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