Alain Gazier, Serene Beauty

Quietly the viewers’ gaze is drawn through the deserted interiors created by Alain Gazier (1956). Silently the eye is led past the gleaming tiles on the floor to land, eventually, at the half opened door opening out to yet another room. The interiors in Gazier’s paintings are never inhabited, but human presence can be felt nonetheless. It seems like someone has just left the room. Or perhaps they have been gone for centuries. Who knows? Gazier uses a broad range of white hues in his paintings. A single element, often in the form of one or two velvet chairs, lead the eye to the background and deeper into the painting.

Alain Gazier


  • Maarten 't Hart
  • Henk Helmantel
  • Piet Sebens
  • Maarten 't Hart